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Yay! A Slumber Party for Pets

When pet owners go out of town, one of their options is to hire a pet sitter. But did you know you can hire a pet sitter to spend the night? Pet slumber parties are great for all kinds of pets. Read more on www.mypets-blog.com

A large majority of pets sleep in their human’s bed. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I share our bed, we usually end up with very little of it to call our own! I have four dogs and one cat and yes, they all manage to have a spot on the bed.

I find it very comforting to reach out and feel a warm, furry dog at my touch. I like the little sleep noises they make — some snore or snort and just make noises, but it seems to be soothing and not at all irritating.

If I get up to go to the bathroom in the night, I can be guaranteed that one of the pets, usually the cat, will steal my spot, so I have to remind him that he has his own pillow and cover on the bed. Before we go to sleep is a special time of treat giving (don’t forget to brush out the crumbs) and extra hugs and belly rubs. They seem to enjoy it as much as we do!

Many of you know exactly what I am talking about and experience the same joys of sharing your bed with your pets. But what can you do if you need to travel for business, leisure or are in the hospital or otherwise away from home overnight? Heaven forbid if the critters should have to fend for themselves and miss the treats and belly rubs!

One of the services our company, Pet Pleasers, Inc. offers is overnight pet sitting, affectionately called — ”Slumber Parties.” Pet owners only want the best for their pets. They want them to have the same type of companionship when they are away as when they are home. So they hire a pet sitter to spend the night in their home with their pets. Click to read more about our overnight pet care services …

Eels Need Pet Sitters Too!

With more than 30 years as a Richmond VA pet sitting company, we have seen our share of odd requests. Taking care of an eel in a salt water aquarium was my biggest challenge. Read more on Pet Pleasers blog.

One of the benefits of pet sitting is that people with multiple animals can leave them at home and hire a professional pet sitter who will take care of everyone while they’re out of town. You might assume that’s just dogs and cats – but our pet sitters take care of the birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and fish tanks too!

Early in my career as a pet sitter, I learned the hard way that I am not a good fish tank caregiver!  Fish are absolutely dependent on their environment for their life — the right water temperature, the proper acidity levels, the cleanliness of tank and constant monitoring of the tank environment.

My children had a small fresh water tank which was supposed to be their responsibility to take care of. You can guess how that turned out. They were interested at first, but once it became a chore they lost interest and good old mom inherited the task of daily care. We didn’t last in fish tanks very long!

Once I got into pet sitting, I had many fish tanks to maintain while clients were out of town. Usually, the extent of my responsibility was to feed the fish, check the water level and temperature and turn light on and off each day.  Pretty elementary.

However, I had one client who had two beautiful Golden Retrievers and decided to get into salt water fish.  They are so beautiful and colorful, but I quickly learned they require much more care than the little tank my kids had set up. Click here to read about the EEL in the tank …


Richmond, VA is lucky to have lots of colleges and universities. At this time of year, students are beginning to stress out big time — thinking about all the things they have to do before the session ends, especially exams on the horizon.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a student I can’t imagine having a better stress buster than a dog visiting me in my dorm during exam week! It never occurred to anyone to do that back then, but it certainly seems a popular trend these days.

There’s even science to back up the benefits of what researchers call “animal-assisted intervention.” The goals of each study vary, but basically they seek to demonstrate that spending time with animals will decrease a college student’s stress level. Click to watch video of VCU’s Paws for Stress program …

Woofstock and Strut Your Mutt is a great fundraiser for Richmond Animal League. Come enjoy the sights and sounds and don't forget your camera. Details on MyPets-Blog.com

The Woofstock Festival is one of our favorite “Top Dog” events in Richmond, Virgina, sponsored by the Richmond Animal League (RAL). This year, the event will be held at Westchester Commons off Route 60 and 288 on the last Saturday of April.

Westchester Commons is an ideal venue for the event — there’s lots of room for the vendors, all the scheduled activities and parking is plentiful. The main fundraising event is the “Strut Your Mutt” walk where people sponsor walkers and walkers with dogs.  There will also be plenty of live music, dog games, adoptions from local rescues, a kids zone, agility courses and contests.

One of Woofstock’s main purposes is to promote animal rescue and adoption. Rescue groups from across Virginia bring their adoptable dogs to Woofstock. Many different breeds will be present. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please visit the Dog Adoption Area. [click to continue…]

Pets can have heart problems just like people. Learn the symptoms so you can get them the help needed. Heart disease leads to congestive heart failure - where your dog's heart struggles to pump blood to the rest of her body. Read more on Richmond VA pet sitters blog.

When I first heard the term “Congestive Heart Failure” (CHF), it was in connection to a friend of mine who had just been diagnosed with it. When you put the words “heart” and “failure” together in the same sentence, it sends chills up the spine.  Not knowing anything about the disease, I expected her to keel over at any moment! That didn’t happen because she was under the care of a cardiologist and keeping the disease under control.

About eight years ago, one of my dogs was diagnosed with CHF. She had been very sick from pneumonia and hospitalized at the Veterinarian Referral and Critical Care Hospital for 3 weeks. She was coughing a lot, was frequently kept inside an the oxygen chamber and had to be intubated a few times because her breathing stopped!

It was a terrifying time for all of us. She was finally able to come home and we were scared to death that she would stop breathing or have a horrible coughing fit. She was on cough medication and did fairly well, but eventually the cough got worse. Click to learn more about symptoms and treatments for CHF …

Spring Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats can get allergies all year long, but in the spring, the most common allergies for pets in spring are weeds, trees and grass pollens.

It is time again for spring! Richmond looks beautiful with all the spring flowers, bushes, trees and the leaves coming out on the trees! But for many people – and our pets – spring spells troubles with allergies.

Although dogs and cats can get allergies all year long, in the spring the most common allergies for people and pets are weeds, trees and grass pollens. To make matters worse, it is virtually impossible to eliminate going outside to avoid the offending allergens.

Typical Spring Allergens & How To Reduce Impact

Molds. Whenever possible, keep your animals out of the basement.  Use dehumidifiers to remove extra moisture that can affect the animal.  Avoid having a large number of houseplants

Pollen. You know this one — that green and yellow stuff that coats everything it touches!  Keep dogs out of high grass and keep your grass cut short. Wash your pet’s feet and face when they come in from time outside so that when they lick their paws, they won’t ingest the pollen. Click here to learn how to help your pets deal with spring allergies ….

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