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How can you tell if your dog is pampered? Richmond VA pet sitter breaks it down.

When I first began Pet Pleasers, Inc in 1985, providing in-home pet care for dogs, cats, fish and more … a dog was a dog and a cat was a cat! Actually, a cat was more often an afterthought to the owner as they felt that “all cats can take care of themselves!”

People would hire us to take care of their dog(s), but were resistant to paying the extra dollar to feed their cat, give them fresh water, clean the litter box and keep them company for a little while. We did these things anyway even when the client didn’t pay for it because it was very unsanitary for a cat to keep using an uncleared litter box day in and day out during the week the owners were away. Not to mention the smell!!

Nowdays, we have clients who hire a pet sitter to visit their cats 2-4 times a day – and there are no dogs in the family. Pets have become members of the family and are treated very much the way people treat their children. In many cases the animals are surrogate children or grandchildren. People want only the best for their pets — food, pet care, medical care, etc. and they are willing to spend as much, if not more, on a pet than on a human family member! Click to read more and decide if you’re guilty of pampering your pet …

Delicious Summer Meals Dogs Love

Pets love the fresh vegetables and fruits of summer too. Some foods are safe. Others aren't. Get easy recipe and more on Richmond VA pet sitter's blog.

We all look forward to delicious vine-ripened vegetables and fruit during the summer months. Maybe you even grow some of your own in your garden for your own enjoyment.

Don’t forget your pets! They love fresh vegetables and fruits too. The safest ones to include for your pet are:

  • apples and watermelon (no seeds)
  • blueberries and strawberries (in small amounts)
  • pumpkin (seeds removed)
  • squash (remove seeds and skin first)
  • carrots
  • cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes (never raw)
  • green beans, cucumbers and zucchini

Click to read more and get easy recipe …

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

High temps of summer in Richmond VA bring risks of heat stroke to dogs. Read tips to keep dog safe from heat on the Pet Pleasers blog. | www.mypets-blog.com

It is summer — It is hot! It is humid! We all feel it, especially our animals!

When humans get hot, they shed clothes, go swimming or stay inside in the air conditioning. But many people think it is fine to leave their pet outside in the backyard all day long with a little bowl of water! Or they take their dog out for a long walk or run during the middle of the day!

That is a recipe for disaster. Dogs simply cannot handle keeping their bodies cool when the temps run high and heat becomes overwhelming!

How Animals Keep Their Cool

When humans get hot, they sweat all over. But dogs have only two ways they can sweat — by panting and through their paws. And if your dog has a short nose, it is even harder for the dog to cool down. So if you push your pet beyond his limits in hot weather or leave your pet outside with little shade and no cool water, you are asking for big trouble. Click for more on keeping pets safe in summer heat ….

Friday is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Richmond VA pet sitters do mid-day dog walks for dogs who are stuck at home while their people are at the office, but some companies in Richmond VA have a pet-friendly workplace. Read more about the benefits of pets in the workplace on the Pet Pleasers blog. | www.mypets-blog.com

Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday (June 24th), marking the 18th year since Pet Sitters International (PSI) launched the annual event to celebrate the human-animal bond and a dog’s proven ability to increase morale and productivity, lower stress and absenteeism and improve relationships among co-workers.

Yes, formal research studies confirm what any dog lover already knows — having a pet-friendly work culture is a low-cost employee benefit with lots of upside. In 2012, VCU conducted a study of dogs in the workplace and found that bringing pets to work resulted in a measurable decline in stress among workers over the course of a day. In the study, those who didn’t have pets in the workplace had an increase in stress as the day went on.

In another study done by researchers at Central Michigan University, they confirmed that having dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between co-workers which stimulates cooperation and team work. There’s even a guidebook for companies considering a pet-friendly workplace that covers the topic — Dogs at Work.

Offering a pet-friendly workplace is a growing trend, but still far from mainstream. Nationally, companies like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, Build-a-Bear and Ben & Jerry’s allow pets in the work space. We know of a few companies in Richmond VA who welcome dogs at work, including Create Digital and Wolfgang Jasper Photography, but we’d love to know of others. Click to read more about the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace …

Taking a Road Trip With Your Pet

Tips for taking your dog or cat on vacation or road trip. Read on Richmond VA pet sitter blog.

If you plan to take your dog on a road trip to visit family or to stay in a hotel while on vacation, you need to be prepared with all that your pet could need and plan for your pet’s safety. When the humans travel, we take everything we will need — our toiletries, favorite pillow, snacks, clothes for the occasions and many other things we just cannot do without.

Well, your pets are the same way. They are creatures of habit and have all their favorite things too. Favorite bed, toys, food, treats, bowls and local water. They all need to go with you. Click here to get more road-ready trip tips …

Does your cat like to be hugged? Saturday is National Hug Your Cat Day. Richmond VA pet sitters will be doing their parts to celebrate, in spirit if not in deed. Some cats really don't want to be hugged and respecting their space is as important with cats as it is for humans. Read more about cats and showing affection on the Pet Pleasers blog. | www.mypets-blog.com

This Saturday, June 4th, our nation will proudly celebrate Hug Your Cat Day. No doubt you’ve had this holiday marked on your calendar for months. <wink>

The name says it all – one day where your feline friend can’t argue with a big ol’ bear hug. He or she will have to tolerate it — just as you do with visiting in-laws on a major holiday. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a kitty that enjoys a loving squeeze – well, in that case, you both win!

If you share your home with cats, you know signs of affection aren’t always clear cut. Cats can sometimes seemingly beg us for attention, only to greet us with a swift turn and presentation of their rear or even a smack with the paw or a nip, signs typically associated with aggression. Harrumph!

Despite often being considered independent and aloof, many cats do enjoy the company of their human counterparts. As a feline lover, some of my favorite signs of cat affection include head bumps, slow blinks and the ever elusive full belly presentation (even when I get the claws!). In my experience, you can typically classify a cat’s love for you in one of the following categories…

The Snuggle Bug Click here to see which cat category fits yours …

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