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Are You Ready for National Hug Your Cat Day?

Does your cat like to be hugged? Saturday is National Hug Your Cat Day. Richmond VA pet sitters will be doing their parts to celebrate, in spirit if not in deed. Some cats really don't want to be hugged and respecting their space is as important with cats as it is for humans. Read more about cats and showing affection on the Pet Pleasers blog. | www.mypets-blog.com

This Saturday, June 4th, our nation will proudly celebrate Hug Your Cat Day. No doubt you’ve had this holiday marked on your calendar for months. <wink>

The name says it all – one day where your feline friend can’t argue with a big ol’ bear hug. He or she will have to tolerate it — just as you do with visiting in-laws on a major holiday. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a kitty that enjoys a loving squeeze – well, in that case, you both win!

If you share your home with cats, you know signs of affection aren’t always clear cut. Cats can sometimes seemingly beg us for attention, only to greet us with a swift turn and presentation of their rear or even a smack with the paw or a nip, signs typically associated with aggression. Harrumph!

Despite often being considered independent and aloof, many cats do enjoy the company of their human counterparts. As a feline lover, some of my favorite signs of cat affection include head bumps, slow blinks and the ever elusive full belly presentation (even when I get the claws!). In my experience, you can typically classify a cat’s love for you in one of the following categories…

The Snuggle Bug

This cat just can’t get enough of you! He greets you at the door, follows you around the house (even when his food bowl is FULL!) and loves to cuddle. This Casanova can’t hide his undying devotion to you, demonstrated by being ever-present whether the timing is appropriate (evening TV watching) or inappropriate (a bathroom break). When you’re not at home, this cat can most likely be found on your pillow, in your dirty laundry, or in the window watching for your return. Consequently, this cat also may “punish” you when you leave for extended periods of time by ignoring you initially upon your return or even pooping in your favorite shoe. For a Snuggle Bug cat, when you’re away from home, hiring a pet sitter is so important. She’ll fill the friendship void for your furry family member while you are out of town.

The Temperamental Temptress

This kitty adores you, but she’s not the kind of girl that wears her emotions on her sleeve (well, technically fur – you get the point!). She likes to make you work for it! She’s the kind of cat who will give you a blank stare if you call her from even a foot away. She doesn’t come to you for attention – you know if she is at one end of the couch and you are at the other, YOU are going to have to move to get your kitty cuddle fix. She’s also not shy about telling you when enough is enough. One minute, she’s really loving your rubbing, but the next, you’re getting the claws. Strangely enough, this doesn’t deter you from wanting to pet her – you almost want it more! This kitty doesn’t mess around – she’s got you wrapped around her little toe!

The Secret Lover

This shy guy may not always show it, but he has a deep admiration for you. He sometimes lacks the confidence to show it. Instead, he prefers to admire you from afar and doesn’t mind the lack of intimate contact, especially when others are around. He’s the kind of cat that will sneak in to bed after the lights are out and everyone is asleep – and will be out of the bed in flash at the slightest move. Your family and friends might call him “ghost cat” or question if he even exists. Rest assured, he’s there – he just saving all of his love for you.

Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day Everyday!

Cats are curious creatures with unique personalities and, if you are lucky enough to share your home with one (or more), you’re lucky indeed. So, enjoy National Hug Your Cat Day however you and your feline friend see fit.

Don’t have a cat? Consider adopting one or volunteering with a rescue organization in the Richmond, VA area to get your kitty fix! And, so your dog doesn’t get jealous, give him or her a hug too!


Author: Tracy

Tracy has worked with Pet Pleasers since November 1999 — first as a pet sitter, then transitioning to the office in August 2002. She’s a life-long pet lover and rescuer, having done cat rescue on her own until June 2011, when she joined forces with St. Francis Humane Association (SFHA), an all-volunteer animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, education and advocacy organization. Tracy shares her home with a husband, two dogs and four cats and is proud to host foster cats and kittens while they await their forever homes.

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