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Richmond VA Pet Sitter Stories

Animals Are Intuitive About People

As a pet sitter and owner of a large pet sitting company in Richmond, one of my main jobs is to interview, hire and train new employees. You would be surprised at some of the responses I get when I run an ad for a new pet sitter — the lady who lived in her car, the 13-year old [...]

Everyone loves to have a birthday party! It brings out the child in us — pretty clothes, presents, balloons, decorations, ice cream and cake and best friends to share the fun. Why should all this be restricted to humans? Dogs love parties too!! Thirty years ago, when I started as a pet sitter in Richmond, VA, [...]

Care to Dance? Roomba-Style!

If you don’t own one, you have at least heard of the Roomba® – the revolutionary (maybe) vacuuming system for your home. The Roomba® is programmable and is self-propelled to go to the areas where you have programmed it to. I don’t know if one would work in my house. We have hardwood floors, lots [...]

I recently wrote a blog about adopting a mother-daughter pair of Japanese Chin from the JCCARE and Rescue Effort. One of my Chin, Yoshi, had been very depressed after losing his very best buddy, Kimi Su, and these new girls were coming to put the spring back in his step. Well, the arrival date was Saturday, April [...]

A few weeks ago I had a call from a gentleman inquiring about our pet sitting service.  He asked the usual questions: “How long have you been in business?” “Are sitters bonded and insured?” “What services do you provide and what is the cost?” I answered his questions and he said he would be gone [...]

Richmond is fortunate to have one of the best events that highlights pets and owners. If you have never been to the Easter on Parade celebration, be sure to add it to your Easter activities. It is one that you and your pet can join together. The event is held on Easter Sunday between 1-5 [...]

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