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Richmond VA Pet Sitter Stories

Yay! A Slumber Party for Pets

A large majority of pets sleep in their human’s bed. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I share our bed, we usually end up with very little of it to call our own! I have four dogs and one cat and yes, they all manage to have a spot on the [...]

What Makes a 5-Star Pet Sitter?

When I became a pet sitter in 1985 (after a long career as a school teacher), I approached it very professionally. I considered myself very detail-oriented and a perfectionist! Surely, I was a natural to be an excellent pet sitter. Those qualities carried over into the training program I developed for our staff. I admit [...]

How Fostering Saves Lives

Everyone’s heard the saying “fostering saves lives.”  Whether you’ve adopted a rescue pet, volunteered with your local shelter or have animal-loving friends on social media, you’re sure to have seen or heard the phrase. But do you really know what it means and the impact it has on the lives of homeless pets? Fostering is [...]

These days, almost everyone I know owns a smart phone. One of our Richmond VA pet sitters was telling me about one of her favorite apps – Walk For a Dog.  She uses it every day, right before she takes her dog clients out for their walks. The wonders of technology! Walk for a Dog [...]

The Little Dog Who Saved Christmas

This is the story of Kirby, a little 7-pound Japanese Chin. He had his Good Citizenship Certificate and was a Certified Therapy Dog. He was light brown and white in color with large, very dark, sparkling eyes and his only fault was, in the eyes of his owners — he was old. Kirby was 10 years [...]

The Curious Sleep Behavior of Dogs

I have four dogs. I never thought I’d have this many at one time, but somehow I do. They are wonderful and really easy to take care of. They are all black and white Japanese Chin and, by nature, are very sweet, friendly and non-aggressive in behavior. Bedtime is our special time together. My bedroom looks [...]

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