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Recipes for Dogs and Cats

In this day and age, pet owners have to be very careful that the treats they are giving their pets are not only healthy, but safe. We know all about the nasty chemicals the Chinese put into dog treats and avoid those. Many US companies make excellent treats for pets, but if you look at [...]

Fun Ways to Pamper Your Pet Last time, we looked at some of the ways Richmond VA pet owners pamper their pets. We found so many, we had to split into two posts. Here’s Part 2! If you want to have some fun, go online and look up “doggie clothes.” There are clothes for dogs and [...]

Delicious Summer Meals Dogs Love

We all look forward to delicious vine-ripened vegetables and fruit during the summer months. Maybe you even grow some of your own in your garden for your own enjoyment. Don’t forget your pets! They love fresh vegetables and fruits too. The safest ones to include for your pet are: apples and watermelon (no seeds) blueberries and strawberries (in [...]

There’s an holiday coming up very soon. It is the one day out of the year that we shower our loved ones with gifts, special activities and fancy dinners. But how about the one in your family who loves you unconditionally — your dog! According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend over $700 million on their [...]

If you have picky eaters, are helping a pet rebuild strength or are simply tired of all the food recalls on dog food, consider cooking a healthy diet for your pet! Feeding pets a healthy diet is so important and I have found that the best diet is a home-made diet! You may remember my blog [...]

Hi — my name is Mitsi Mai (May). I am a 10 year old Japanese Chin, weigh 11 pounds and have congestive heart failure — plus other breathing problems. I have to be very careful what I eat. Being a discriminating eater, I have trained my mom, Carole, how to cook some very tasty dishes. She’s [...]

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