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Pet Care Tips

When I first began Pet Pleasers, Inc in 1985, providing in-home pet care for dogs, cats, fish and more … a dog was a dog and a cat was a cat! Actually, a cat was more often an afterthought to the owner as they felt that “all cats can take care of themselves!” People would hire [...]

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

It is summer — It is hot! It is humid! We all feel it, especially our animals! When humans get hot, they shed clothes, go swimming or stay inside in the air conditioning. But many people think it is fine to leave their pet outside in the backyard all day long with a little bowl [...]

Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday (June 24th), marking the 18th year since Pet Sitters International (PSI) launched the annual event to celebrate the human-animal bond and a dog’s proven ability to increase morale and productivity, lower stress and absenteeism and improve relationships among co-workers. Yes, formal research studies confirm what any dog lover already knows — having a [...]

Taking a Road Trip With Your Pet

If you plan to take your dog on a road trip to visit family or to stay in a hotel while on vacation, you need to be prepared with all that your pet could need and plan for your pet’s safety. When the humans travel, we take everything we will need — our toiletries, favorite [...]

This Saturday, June 4th, our nation will proudly celebrate Hug Your Cat Day. No doubt you’ve had this holiday marked on your calendar for months. <wink> The name says it all – one day where your feline friend can’t argue with a big ol’ bear hug. He or she will have to tolerate it — [...]

When I first heard the term “Congestive Heart Failure” (CHF), it was in connection to a friend of mine who had just been diagnosed with it. When you put the words “heart” and “failure” together in the same sentence, it sends chills up the spine.  Not knowing anything about the disease, I expected her to keel over [...]

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