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Life As a Pet Sitter

I recently wrote a blog about adopting a mother-daughter pair of Japanese Chin from the JCCARE and Rescue Effort. One of my Chin, Yoshi, had been very depressed after losing his very best buddy, Kimi Su, and these new girls were coming to put the spring back in his step. Well, the arrival date was Saturday, April [...]

Adopting a Rescue Dog (or Two)

Many people have very valid reasons why they must surrender a dog or cat to a rescue group. Maybe their finances can’t handle pet care any more. Maybe the owner is very ill and just can’t take care of the pet. Someone in the family develops a severe allery. Divorce. Or they may be going [...]

The Heartbreak of Losing a Pet

There is no way to describe the hole in your heart created by the death of a beloved pet. Whether the pet is young or old, sick or healthy, it is a member of your family and much loved and enjoyed by all the family members. Of course, we would all want our pets to [...]

When I started pet sitting in 1985, it was during a time that the industry was just emerging. Most of what I did was based on logic, customer requests and a gut feel for what was best for my clients and their pets. Policies for clients evolved over time as situations presented themselves and it became apparent that [...]

A Christmas Miracle

The holidays are an especially busy time for pet sitters. Not only do they have decorating, shopping, prepping and their own family gatherings to attend, but they have many, many, many pets to take care of – from early in the morning to late into the evening. Starting around December 23rd, things get crazy with [...]

The Christmas Surprise!

It was Christmas Eve. It was cold, pouring rain, around 8 PM and I was almost done with my pet visits. As I drove around from house to house, I enjoyed all the homes decorated for the holidays, the trees sparkling in the windows, cars in the driveways and families and friends celebrating the Eve [...]

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