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Life As a Pet Sitter

Yay! A Slumber Party for Pets

A large majority of pets sleep in their human’s bed. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I share our bed, we usually end up with very little of it to call our own! I have four dogs and one cat and yes, they all manage to have a spot on the [...]

Eels Need Pet Sitters Too!

One of the benefits of pet sitting is that people with multiple animals can leave them at home and hire a professional pet sitter who will take care of everyone while they’re out of town. You might assume that’s just dogs and cats – but our pet sitters take care of the birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens [...]

Snow Days with Your Pets

Here we go again! Snow with an ice chaser. Even though we won’t need to measure this storm with a yardstick, it is likely to restrict outdoor activities for at least a day or two. Children will be out of school and parents are bound to go a little nuts trying to keep the young ones entertained. But [...]

What Makes a 5-Star Pet Sitter?

When I became a pet sitter in 1985 (after a long career as a school teacher), I approached it very professionally. I considered myself very detail-oriented and a perfectionist! Surely, I was a natural to be an excellent pet sitter. Those qualities carried over into the training program I developed for our staff. I admit [...]

After 30+ years running a pet sitting company in the Richmond, VA area, we’ve had over a thousand clients. I get it that most people who have never been pet sitters assume that a pet sitter’s day is filled with fun games played with dogs, cuddling with cats and enjoying taking care of puppies and kittens. It stands [...]

Care to Dance? Roomba-Style!

If you don’t own one, you have at least heard of the Roomba® – the revolutionary (maybe) vacuuming system for your home. The Roomba® is programmable and is self-propelled to go to the areas where you have programmed it to. I don’t know if one would work in my house. We have hardwood floors, lots [...]

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