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Fur Babies Speak!

Home Alone!

Come on guys … Pay attention … The leash is in my mouth … I’m wagging my cute little tail and body that always makes you laugh! Why is no one paying attention to me? All my family wants to do is run around looking for things, shoving things into big bags they carry strangely on their backs. [...]

Dog Car Safety Tips

Pet owners love to take their pets with them when they go to the beach, parks, shopping malls, outdoor restaurants or visiting with friends and family. Often, our pet sitters are asked to take a client’s dog to a nearby park for a fun, safe walk. Those lucky dogs usually go ballistic when they hear “Want to go [...]

Hi — my name is Mitsi Mai (May). I am a 10 year old Japanese Chin, weigh 11 pounds and have congestive heart failure — plus other breathing problems. I have to be very careful what I eat. Being a discriminating eater, I have trained my mom, Carole, how to cook some very tasty dishes. She’s [...]

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