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Especially for Dog Lovers

Delicious Summer Meals Dogs Love

We all look forward to delicious vine-ripened vegetables and fruit during the summer months. Maybe you even grow some of your own in your garden for your own enjoyment. Don’t forget your pets! They love fresh vegetables and fruits too. The safest ones to include for your pet are: apples and watermelon (no seeds) blueberries and strawberries (in [...]

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

It is summer — It is hot! It is humid! We all feel it, especially our animals! When humans get hot, they shed clothes, go swimming or stay inside in the air conditioning. But many people think it is fine to leave their pet outside in the backyard all day long with a little bowl [...]

Take Your Dog to Work Day is this Friday (June 24th), marking the 18th year since Pet Sitters International (PSI) launched the annual event to celebrate the human-animal bond and a dog’s proven ability to increase morale and productivity, lower stress and absenteeism and improve relationships among co-workers. Yes, formal research studies confirm what any dog lover already knows — having a [...]

Taking a Road Trip With Your Pet

If you plan to take your dog on a road trip to visit family or to stay in a hotel while on vacation, you need to be prepared with all that your pet could need and plan for your pet’s safety. When the humans travel, we take everything we will need — our toiletries, favorite [...]

Yay! A Slumber Party for Pets

A large majority of pets sleep in their human’s bed. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I share our bed, we usually end up with very little of it to call our own! I have four dogs and one cat and yes, they all manage to have a spot on the [...]

Richmond, VA is lucky to have lots of colleges and universities. At this time of year, students are beginning to stress out big time — thinking about all the things they have to do before the session ends, especially exams on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but when I was a student I [...]

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