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Especially for Dog Lovers

In this day and age, pet owners have to be very careful that the treats they are giving their pets are not only healthy, but safe. We know all about the nasty chemicals the Chinese put into dog treats and avoid those. Many US companies make excellent treats for pets, but if you look at [...]

Where Did You Get Your Puppy?

There are few things more exciting or fun for one of our Richmond VA area pet sitters than to be assigned a new puppy to take care of. The sitter goes a couple of times each day to let the puppy out, clean out the crate if necessary, feed the pup and spend lots of play [...]

Whose Bed Is It?

Whenever I go through a pet store, I am always drawn to the cute, adorable dog and cat beds on display. I usually end up buying one or two of them — you can never have too many just in case your dog gets tired walking across the room and needs a sudden nap! As a result [...]

Several years ago I had a Pekingese – Emma Sue – and a Lhasa Apso – Herbie. Herbie was very outgoing and loved everyone. Emma Sue was a little more selective about who she accepted into her circle of friends. At the time, a woman working in the Pet Pleasers’ office also did rescue work [...]

Fun Ways to Pamper Your Pet Last time, we looked at some of the ways Richmond VA pet owners pamper their pets. We found so many, we had to split into two posts. Here’s Part 2! If you want to have some fun, go online and look up “doggie clothes.” There are clothes for dogs and [...]

When I first began Pet Pleasers, Inc in 1985, providing in-home pet care for dogs, cats, fish and more … a dog was a dog and a cat was a cat! Actually, a cat was more often an afterthought to the owner as they felt that “all cats can take care of themselves!” People would hire [...]

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