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Especially for Cat Lovers

Spring Allergies in Dogs and Cats

It is time again for spring! Richmond looks beautiful with all the spring flowers, bushes, trees and the leaves coming out on the trees! But for many people – and our pets – spring spells troubles with allergies. Although dogs and cats can get allergies all year long, in the spring the most common allergies for people and pets [...]

How many times have you seen your pets looking absolutely adorable — two kittens snuggling, puppies playing tug of war, looking at the Christmas tree in wonder or just sitting there looking at you with love in their eyes? I have often wished I had a camera embedded in my hand so I would be ready the [...]

What to Name Your New Pet …

Picking a name for your new puppy or kitten is a serious, but fun, endeavor!  We realize whatever name we settle on is likely to reflect clues about our own personality, peculiarities and sense of humor. It used to be easy — Rover, Spot, Brownie, Blackie for dogs and Fluffy, Mittens, Boots and Kitty for cats. But these days, people tend to choose [...]

How Fostering Saves Lives

Everyone’s heard the saying “fostering saves lives.”  Whether you’ve adopted a rescue pet, volunteered with your local shelter or have animal-loving friends on social media, you’re sure to have seen or heard the phrase. But do you really know what it means and the impact it has on the lives of homeless pets? Fostering is [...]

These days, almost everyone I know owns a smart phone. One of our Richmond VA pet sitters was telling me about one of her favorite apps – Walk For a Dog.  She uses it every day, right before she takes her dog clients out for their walks. The wonders of technology! Walk for a Dog [...]

How Do I Love Thee?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…..or so the song goes. At the holiday season, people become happier, more generous and want to show those they care about how much they mean to them. This is done through gifts, special visits and extra attention. It is the season of love and giving. But what [...]

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