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Especially for Cat Lovers

Whose Bed Is It?

Whenever I go through a pet store, I am always drawn to the cute, adorable dog and cat beds on display. I usually end up buying one or two of them — you can never have too many just in case your dog gets tired walking across the room and needs a sudden nap! As a result [...]

Several years ago I had a Pekingese – Emma Sue – and a Lhasa Apso – Herbie. Herbie was very outgoing and loved everyone. Emma Sue was a little more selective about who she accepted into her circle of friends. At the time, a woman working in the Pet Pleasers’ office also did rescue work [...]

Cat Lovers Celebrate!

Today is the day — Cat lovers around the world celebrate with affection and appreciation over the felines in our lives. It seems to us that cats must have a darn good publicist. We did a post not that long ago about Hug Your Cat Day and on October 29th every year, it’s National Cat Day. Still, we [...]

This Saturday, June 4th, our nation will proudly celebrate Hug Your Cat Day. No doubt you’ve had this holiday marked on your calendar for months. <wink> The name says it all – one day where your feline friend can’t argue with a big ol’ bear hug. He or she will have to tolerate it — [...]

Yay! A Slumber Party for Pets

A large majority of pets sleep in their human’s bed. I don’t know about you, but when my husband and I share our bed, we usually end up with very little of it to call our own! I have four dogs and one cat and yes, they all manage to have a spot on the [...]

When I first heard the term “Congestive Heart Failure” (CHF), it was in connection to a friend of mine who had just been diagnosed with it. When you put the words “heart” and “failure” together in the same sentence, it sends chills up the spine.  Not knowing anything about the disease, I expected her to keel over [...]

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