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Dealing With Pet Problem Behaviors

Eels Need Pet Sitters Too!

One of the benefits of pet sitting is that people with multiple animals can leave them at home and hire a professional pet sitter who will take care of everyone while they’re out of town. You might assume that’s just dogs and cats – but our pet sitters take care of the birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens [...]

Motion Sickness in Pets

When I was a kid my parents couldn’t take me anywhere in the car because I would get horribly car sick. When I would get to ride in the car, I’d have to ride along with my head out the window. So when one of my dogs showed signs of car sickness, I felt sympatico with her. [...]

OUCH!!! Why is My Cat Biting Me?

Have you ever been sitting on your couch relaxing, your kitty jumps up to snuggle with you and you reach out to pet and rub your cat … then, without warning, this wonderful, purring, lovable cat is biting you? Yes, sinking his teeth into your arm or hand! He may jump up and run away [...]

Tips for Better Leash Walking

When you’ve been in the pet sitting business for three decades, you hear it all from pet owners. One of the most common topics I hear relates to collars, leashes and getting your dog to be a better leash walker. To answer that question on today’s blog post, I turned to pro trainer, Jemi Hodge [...]

Holidays are a wonderful time of the year — with trees being decorated, presents being bought and wrapped, special meals and goodies being prepared and parties being planned. Busy, busy times! If you have pets, you are already aware that they can do the unexpected during the holidays. I could always tell by the gleam in [...]

Does Your Dog Have a Split Personality?

Does your dog or cat have a split personality? We are all familiar with the story about the man who was normal during the day and a monster at night.  Some of you may have a dog or cat that seems to have a hidden button that gets switched on and your pet who has [...]

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