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Before the Pet Sitter Comes

After 30+ years running a pet sitting company in the Richmond, VA area, we’ve had over a thousand clients. I get it that most people who have never been pet sitters assume that a pet sitter’s day is filled with fun games played with dogs, cuddling with cats and enjoying taking care of puppies and kittens. It stands [...]

In the course of 30+ years of pet sitting in Richmond VA, Pet Pleasers, Inc. has encountered many strange, difficult and entertaining antics of the feline persuasion. Cats are very clever, can get into just about any space they want and will ignore you completely when you call for them to come out. Every pet sitter [...]

What a sinking feeling when you look out in your fenced in yard, see that the gate is ajar and your pet is gone! Or … you take your pet for a walk, the leash breaks and your dog takes off at a wild gallop and you have no idea where he went — you’re standing [...]

Care to Dance? Roomba-Style!

If you don’t own one, you have at least heard of the Roomba® – the revolutionary (maybe) vacuuming system for your home. The Roomba® is programmable and is self-propelled to go to the areas where you have programmed it to. I don’t know if one would work in my house. We have hardwood floors, lots [...]

We’re celebrating this week! March 1 – 7th is Professional Pet Sitter’s Week. Richmond,  Virginia pet sitters join with pet sitters all over the country to give ourselves a collective pat on the back and also increase awareness about why pet owners should consider hiring a pet sitter. Today’s blog post assumes you know your [...]

Pet Pleasers, Inc. has been caring for Richmond area’s wonderful pets for 30 years. During that time we have had some situations come up where we had to scratch our heads and determine if the pet or situation was safe for the sitter or for the pet. We want to do a good job in [...]

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