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Dogs and cats love these easy to make chicken strips. Get complete instructions on the Pet Pleasers blog. |

In this day and age, pet owners have to be very careful that the treats they are giving their pets are not only healthy, but safe. We know all about the nasty chemicals the Chinese put into dog treats and avoid those. Many US companies make excellent treats for pets, but if you look at the ingredients, salt / sodium is usually high on the list. Too much sodium is not good for the kidneys or for heart conditions.

I had a little Japanese Chin named Mitsi Mai and she developed congestive heart failure about 4 years ago. She was on many medications to help control the disease, but I found the biggest help for her was to avoid salt. After an exhaustive search, I discovered there are very few treats that do not contain salt. And the commercially-available ones that don’t contain salt, the dogs won’t touch!

So my husband started making treats for all of them. Get the instructions for making our healthy treats for dogs and cats

Where Did You Get Your Puppy?

Richmond VA pet sitter talks about breed rescues, puppy mills and backyard breeding on Pet Pleasers blog.

There are few things more exciting or fun for one of our Richmond VA area pet sitters than to be assigned a new puppy to take care of. The sitter goes a couple of times each day to let the puppy out, clean out the crate if necessary, feed the pup and spend lots of play time on each visit.

All puppies are cute and adorable, but where did that puppy come from?

Some people consider themselves breeders although all they are really doing is increasing the number of puppies when there are already tons that can and should be adopted from animal shelters and rescues. In that situation, they have a female mixed breed who has never been spayed and she runs loose and the inevitable happens — she becomes pregnant!

Surprise, Surprise!! Now the people have a pregnant dog and chances are, she will give birth to around 6 puppies that the owner will need to find homes for. They have no idea who the father of the puppies is or anything about the size, temperament, etc. of the dad. But these people see themselves as “breeders.” You’ll spot them sitting outside pet stores and other busy shopping centers on Saturday afternoon giving puppies away for free. Will they go to a nice family or will they end up in an animal research facility or become bait at dog fights? [click to continue…]

Whose Bed Is It?

There is some debate among dog lovers about whether or not your dog should sleep in your bed or not. At our house, we're all in and it works for us. Read more on Richmond VA Pet Sitter blog.

Whenever I go through a pet store, I am always drawn to the cute, adorable dog and cat beds on display. I usually end up buying one or two of them — you can never have too many just in case your dog gets tired walking across the room and needs a sudden nap!

As a result I am the owner of about 15 dog beds. I only have 4 dogs, one cat and a husband, so 90% of the time, the beds are empty or serve as a convenient spot where the dogs can stash a few of their toys.

So where do they all sleep? Well…with my husband and me in our kingsize bed! Click here to read more about the pros and cons of sleeping with your pets …

The mothering instinct in animals crosses between species. Read more on Richmond pet sitter's blog.

Several years ago I had a Pekingese – Emma Sue – and a Lhasa Apso – Herbie. Herbie was very outgoing and loved everyone. Emma Sue was a little more selective about who she accepted into her circle of friends.

At the time, a woman working in the Pet Pleasers’ office also did rescue work and had a group of four newborn kittens that she was bottle feeding. If you have ever done this, you know that the tiny babies typically require feedings every two to three hours at first. These kittens had been orphaned at birth and had not known any “mother’s love.”

The sitter brought the kittens with her to the office. As you can imagine, kittens of that age make the most adorable and pitiful little mewing sounds and the dogs were curious to see what was in the box. Well, Emma Sue took one look and stuck what little Pekingese nose she had straight up in the air and walked away.

But Herbie had an absolute fit over them! He practically turned himself inside out wanting to get near them. We weren’t sure what to do, but he absolutely would not leave them alone. So after the kittens were fed, we decided to put Herbie in the box with them. He was small – about 15 pounds – so was able to get himself very comfortable in the box with the kittens. Click here to read more about Herbie, the kitten whisperer ….

Cat Lovers Celebrate!

Pet sitters in Richmond VA are celebrating International Cat Day. We've searched the internet and found some fun cat videos, pics and Instagram celebrities to follow. Read on Richmond VA pet sitter blog

Today is the day — Cat lovers around the world celebrate with affection and appreciation over the felines in our lives. It seems to us that cats must have a darn good publicist. We did a post not that long ago about Hug Your Cat Day and on October 29th every year, it’s National Cat Day. Still, we enjoy any good reason to celebrate kittens and cats, so let the love fest begin!

We had fun searching the web for cute cat videos and cats with lots of Instagram followers, but before we share those links below (what a great way to perk up a Monday!), this seemed like a perfect time to point out why hanging around with cats is good for you.

If you are a cat person, studies reveal that you are among the happiest, smartest and healthiest people in the world. In fact, researchers have consistently shown that (unless you’re allergic) having a cat in your family gives an undeniable boost to health and happiness.

Just the purring sounds alone can have healing effects.

There are healing powers associated with being around a purring cat. This infographic explains more. Click here to read more health benefits and see our favorite cats on the internet

Fun ways to pamper your pet from Richmond VA pet sitter blog.

Fun Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Last time, we looked at some of the ways Richmond VA pet owners pamper their pets. We found so many, we had to split into two posts. Here’s Part 2!

If you want to have some fun, go online and look up “doggie clothes.” There are clothes for dogs and cats that range from around $10.00 to many thousands of dollars for one ensemble — absolutely beautiful clothes, leather jackets, designer dresses, winter wear and even summer bikinis!

And because the food we feed out pets is critically important, it’s no surprise that pet food companies have paid a lot of attention to and research on producing dog food that is of the highest quality, easily digested and contains all the nutrients necessary for your pet’s health. Click here to read more ways we provide for our pets …

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